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If you want to hire people who have Rhino skills, list your job openings on this page. The information will run for three months or until you ask us to remove it. E-mail us if you would like your listing removed sooner or if you have any questions.

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Artist/Designer in Residence - 3 months


We are again inviting artists, designers, and makers to join us at EPFL for a 3-month residency in the spring of 2024!

We welcome project proposals that leverage our research to explore new geometric and material expressions, aiming to create a sculptural artwork, kinetic installation, or functional application prototype. You will have access to GCM’s latest research technology and computational design tools, as well as a fully equipped fab lab including machines for laser cutting, CNC milling, and 3D printing, standard hand tools, and various custom-built machines. In collaborating with GCM’s team, you will receive hands-on support on in-house design software and digital fabrication technology.

We aim to translate our research findings into applications through design studies and artworks. The goal of the residency is to explore new ways in which to apply our research results for creative expression. Specifically, we aim to collaboratively create an art piece or design prototype that will be exhibited and publicized in appropriate venues. The residency at GCM can last for up to three months starting in March 2024 at the earliest.

Research conducted at GCM explores the interface of geometry, computation, and making. The scope of the project can be broad, but should be directly related to our scientific work. Please refer to our Research page and our Art & Design page for more information.

Our residency is part of the Artist-in-Residency program Enter the Hyper-Scientific of the College of Humanities of EPFL. To apply, please follow the instructions provided here and select the special track: Explorations in Geometry, Computation, and Matter.

We are specifically looking for emerging or established artists or designers interested in harnessing science and technological innovations in their creative work. In particular, you should have:

- expertise in computational design,
- familiarity with digital modeling tools such as Rhino/Grasshopper, Blender, etc.,
- experience in digital fabrication,
- affinity to scientific research in geometric computing.


Mark Pauly
Lausanne, 1015






Freelance Computational Designer/Web App Developer


We are looking for a freelance computational designer / web developer to work on web app development. You have experience and knowledge of WebGL, Three.js, Rhino3d, Rhino Compute as well as strong web development experience with tools such as React.js, Vue.js or Angular. At this moment we are offering a part time job for a remote working freelancer.

- Strong experience with pure JavaScript , HTML and CSS/SCSS.
- Vue.JS, React.js or Angular experience.
- Experience with 3D geometry and Three.JS, Rhino3d, Rhino Compute
- Experience in one or more back-end languages such as C# is a bonus.
- You are passionate about solving problems, you initiate discussions, and you always stay solutions-oriented
- You are a product-minded developer, with a mindset to get things done and and adaptive to constant changes
- Excellent written and spoken English
- This is a remote position. You can be based anywhere around the globe.
Please get in touch via email and write into the subject "Freelance Computational Designer/Web App Developer."


David Nowak
147 Cluse Court, St Peters Street London
London, N18PE
United Kingdom






Need someone who knows some Rhino and lots of CURA. Having new problems with printing NINJAFLEX. If you know what you’re doing, we can do it over ZOOM. $ 100 an hour. Thanks.


Sara Blumenstein
PO Box 220395
Great Neck, NY 11022
United States


1 516 984 7162