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If you want to hire people who have Rhino skills, list your job openings on this page. The information will run for three months or until you ask us to remove it. E-mail us if you would like your listing removed sooner or if you have any questions.

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Software Developer


Main Activities
- Software Development
- Work closely with the R&D to develop and improve our AM software products.
- Participate and contribute to technical discussions, code reviews, documentation, and generally all aspects of the software development life cycle
- Interested in working in both front end and back end development

Operational Skills required
- Good coding skills in C#/Python
- Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS/Javascript/XML
- Writing well-documented, clean code to improve readability for other developers
- Good understanding of 3d space, and 3D simulation
- Ability to analyse problems and find efficient solutions, strong problem-solving attitude
- Excellent communication skills in English

Optional Requirements
- Experience leveraging Unity
- Experience with Grasshopper3D/Rhinoceros
- Knowledge of Rhino Common and Rhino3dm libraries
- Experience developing computer vision - Machine Learning pipelines.
- Knowledge/experience with Additive Manufacturing
- Knowledge in Mathematics and Linear Algebra
- Experience in robotics and automation

Soft Skills required
- Focused, detail orientated, strong interpersonal skills.
- Excellent written and verbal communicator both internally and customer-facing.
- Organizational skills and self-management of time and activities.
- A flexible, open, and stress-resilient mindset.
- Proactivity
- Ability to work independently

Place of work
- Via Bellisario 6C, 20825, Barlassina (MB), Italy
- Remote working is allowed


Vanessa Galliano
Via Marisa Bellisario, 6c
Barlassina, 20825






Artist/Designer In Residence


We aim to translate our research findings into applications through design studies and artworks. The goal of the residency is to explore new ways in which to apply our research results for creative expression. Specifically, we aim to collaboratively create an art piece or design prototype that will be exhibited and publicized in appropriate venues. The residency at GCM can last for up to three months starting in March 2023 at the earliest.

Project Scope:

Research conducted at GCM explores the interface of geometry, computation, and making. The scope of the project can be broad, but should leverage our research results in a direct way. Potential topics include (but are not limited to):

Curved Weaving
Umbrella Meshes
Computational Caustics

Please refer to our Research page and our Art & Design page for more information.

Who we are looking for:

You are an emerging or established artist or designer interested in harnessing science and technological innovations in your creative work. In particular, you should have

expertise in computational design,
familiarity with digital modeling tools such as Rhino/Grasshopper, Blender, etc.,
experience in digital fabrication,
affinity to scientific research in geometric computing.

What we offer:

Access to our latest research technology, in particular computational design tools developed at GCM with hands-on support by the people who create the software and digital fabrication technology.
Access to a fully equipped fab lab including machines for laser cutting, CNC milling, and 3D printing, as well as standard hand tools and various custom-build machines.
A stipend that covers accommodation and living expenses.
A budget of CHF 10k for consumables, machines, presentation materials, travel, etc.
A highly interdisciplinary, collaborative environment.

Information for how to apply in the link below.


Florin Isvoranu
BC349, Batiment BC, Station 14
Lausanne, 1015






Seeking Sail Boats Building Production Engineer


A newly formed boat building company in Bucharest Romania is seeking a young engineer to join their team wich at present is setting up and starting the process building the molds and prototypes of a series of innovative composite sail boats and race sail boats

The engineer is to be familiar and be able to work fluently with Rhino (and potentially also Solidworks to an acceptable level) and have some experience of composite materials and boat building

The role is that of fiberglass composite Sail Boat Construction Production engineering and monitoring with the potential of career progression to becoming Production Manager or Engineering Manager

The Engineer is to work on boatyard site 20 km from Bucharest City center.
He should be capable of converting the Rhino CAD drawings into production drawings for the craftsmen to manufacture molds and cut with the hand routers with the CNC router with the 3D printer

The engineer should be knowledgeable in the design of building of fiberglass moulds and be capable to design and make the mould of a composite part starting from a Rhino 3D CAD model of that part

We are in the process of setting up for building the set of tooling and molds and as well the prototype bats for the series fabrication of a sail boats that is designed for 1. the general public (and that version is to be built in fiberglass vacuum infusion ) and 2. as well the racing that version is to be built in carbon composite .

The boatyard is now at the stage where a team of craftsmen are being trained in boatbuilding techniques and a modern boat production facility of cca 1000 sq meters is soon the be built

Those interested to e-mail me at my emails :


andrei rochian
Numero 1 , Batiment Mexico, appartemment 244
Mérignac, 33700