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Seeking Sail Boats Building Production Engineer


A newly formed boat building company in Bucharest Romania is seeking a young engineer to join their team wich at present is setting up and starting the process building the molds and prototypes of a series of innovative composite sail boats and race sail boats

The engineer is to be familiar and be able to work fluently with Rhino (and potentially also Solidworks to an acceptable level) and have some experience of composite materials and boat building

The role is that of fiberglass composite Sail Boat Construction Production engineering and monitoring with the potential of career progression to becoming Production Manager or Engineering Manager

The Engineer is to work on boatyard site 20 km from Bucharest City center.
He should be capable of converting the Rhino CAD drawings into production drawings for the craftsmen to manufacture molds and cut with the hand routers with the CNC router with the 3D printer

The engineer should be knowledgeable in the design of building of fiberglass moulds and be capable to design and make the mould of a composite part starting from a Rhino 3D CAD model of that part

We are in the process of setting up for building the set of tooling and molds and as well the prototype bats for the series fabrication of a sail boats that is designed for 1. the general public (and that version is to be built in fiberglass vacuum infusion ) and 2. as well the racing that version is to be built in carbon composite .

The boatyard is now at the stage where a team of craftsmen are being trained in boatbuilding techniques and a modern boat production facility of cca 1000 sq meters is soon the be built

Those interested to e-mail me at my emails :


andrei rochian
Numero 1 , Batiment Mexico, appartemment 244
Mérignac, 33700








Computational Developer


MX3D is an ambitious scale-up that revolutionized large-scale 3D metal printing.
We brought WAAM (Robotic Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing) and its market to life and made 3D metal printing more flexible, faster, and cheaper. MX3D became the innovation leader in 3D metal printing by presenting its jaw-dropping 12 meters long fully functional 3D printed stainless steel pedestrian bridge.

Position description
As a Computational Developer, you will be developing, testing and deploying new innovative solutions for translating 3D geometries into metal printed objects.
You will be responsible for delivering high quality code, with a focus on simplicity, performance and maintainability.
You will be working in a team that consists of software, toolpathing and process experts that are working in a SCRUM framework.
When you are not developing new solutions, you will use your expertise to solve CAD/CAM challenges for our internal and external users.

Required skills:
· 2+ years professional experience in scripting for Grasshopper / Rhino
· Experience with custom coding for 3D objects
· Coding skills in Rhinocommon, Python or C++
· Good communication skills in English
· Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Industrial Design / Computational design / Architecture / Computer Sciences or comparable.
Architectural or BIM skills, or skills in other CAD systems are not relevant for this vacancy.

The following is a plus:
· Experience with computational geometrical libraries (i.e. cgal)
· Experience with three.js or other 3D rendering libraries
· Experience with large scale additive manufacturing
· Experience with robotic fabrication (ABB / KUKA / …)
· Familiarity working in a scrum team with version control

What we offer:
· Work at a lively research & development (& design) company in Amsterdam
· Knowledgeable colleagues across a variety of disciplines
· A dynamic and creative environment

Please only apply if you meet all the required skills. Send us your CV, motivation, and relevant previous projects to jobs@mx3d.com with the title “Computational Developer” + your name.


Thomas Van Glabeke
Dynamostraat 46








Jewelry CAD Designer (Fine Jewelry)


We are looking to add a CAD Designer to our team! This is a unique opportunity to learn from top industry professionals. This position requires a basic level understanding of CAD, fine jewelry construction and 3D Printing. The CAD Designer will go through a training process and begin by learning how to create and adjust models for production.

Sasha Primak is an elite fine jewelry company. Everything we make is designed and fabricated inside our exceptional NYC facility. We pride ourselves on the long-term development of our team members and on ensuring a strong sense of community. This is an exciting opportunity to join a growing company with a rich heritage.

Benefits Package Includes: medical, dental, vision and prescription insurance, 401 (k) and PTO (20+ days) with an additional 8 paid holidays.

Responsibilities Include:

• Creating and adjusting CAD models for jewelry production based off written instruction, images, and finished models
• Following standards of technical CAD tolerance and jewelry production
• Maintaining & organizing files in correct locations
• Being proactive in working with all departments to ensure production and design are achievable
• Working with production team to ensure QC standards are met with all CADs

Qualities and Traits Required:

• Basic level understanding of Rhino and Matrix
• Experience in building CADs from start to finish
• Basic level understanding of jewelry construction and tolerances
• Highly detail oriented and organized
• Must be a team player
• Proactive self-starter
• Some bench jeweler experience is a plus


Katie Pisarcik
Sasha Primak
529 5th Avenue Floor 15
New York City, NY 10017
United States









we have a need for reliable remote rhino CAD operators interested in periodic contract jobs. these are 'straight rhino” jobs, they pay hourly, and they vary in length from short, quick fix (or "redline") jobs to much longer, ongoing and more complicated jobs.

knowledge or interest in rapid prototyping, engineering tolerances, dimensioning drawings, mathematics, GH, rendering, animation, large scale construction and/or experience in an architecture or large contracting firm is a plus.

you set your own flexible schedule but you must be organized and communicate well about it.

please email your PDF resume and work samples to info@formpig.com with the header “09/2022 RHINO MECHANICAL CAD”. please be sure to include your contact information in the actual format of any submission so we can print out the ones we are interested in.

note we can sign for architecture candidates needing supervisory hours toward registration for the right candidates.

if you are great with mechanical CAD we'd love to talk to you!


universal joint
United States