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Rhino Teacher Training

3-D Modeling Workshops

Mar 25-26

Digital EXPO - Tarrant Co College, Hurst, TX

June 13-17

Ontario High - Summer 2016, Mansfield, OH

July 11-15

Century High School, Hillsboro, OR

3-D modeling workshop for design, drafting, graphics, and technology educators

Learn how you can add 3-D modeling to your design and design communication curriculum without burdening your students with yet another difficult software product. You'll be able to focus on teaching design while your students take advantage of the latest 3-D modeling technology.

Using Rhino, you will be guided through a series of hands-on exercises that highlight 3-D modeling concepts. You will also learn how Rhino is used to render models for visualization, translate 3-D models to CAM products for manufacturing or prototyping, and export 3-D models into 2-D CAD or graphics programs.

Bring your jump drive. Classroom activities, models, training materials, and files will be made available to you for use in your classroom. You will have students working in 3-D on your design exercise within the first week of the term.

There are both one-day quick start workshops and in-depth hands-on three- to five-day workshops.

The workshops are free for educators. Proof of status required.

Mar 25-26 - Digital EXPO - Tarrant Co College, Hurst, TX


Friday, March 25, 6:00pm-9:00pm and
Saturday, March 26, 9:00am-4:00pm


Tarrant County College
J Ardis Bell Library CLC
North East Campus
Hurst, TX  76054


Bob Koll, Rhino Training Specialist


Karmien Bowman
Tarrant County College District

To register

Call Karmien Bowman at 817-515-6693 or e-mail karmien.bowman@tccd.edu.
Class limit is 30.

The Digital Design ”Rhino Teach the Teacher Hands On Workshop” will be Friday evening 4-7pm and Sat. 9-4 pm March 25th-26th at the J Ardis Bell Library CLC on Tarrant County College North East Campus, during the Digital EXPO March 24th-26th. The workshop will qualify for professional Development.

June 13-17 - Ontario High - Summer 2016, Mansfield, OH


Monday-Friday, June 13-17, 9:00am-3:00pm


Ontario High School (map)
467 Shelby-Ontario Rd
Mansfield, OH  44906


Bruce Weirich, Rhino Trainer & Drafting Teacher


Bruce Weirich
Ontario High School

To register

E-mail Bruce Weirich at yrick2@aol.com.
Class limit is 22.

Each educator will be able to order a Rhinoceros and Flamingo bundle for US$200 (US$1490 value).

Ashland University graduate credit available ($556.00 for 2 credits). Graduate credit will be granted upon completion of all workshop requirements. First time students to Ashland University need to have a photocopy of their teaching certificate, transcript, or diploma at the time of registration. Registration will be on the first day of the workshop.

July 11-15 - Century High School, Hillsboro, OR


Monday-Friday, July 11-15, 8:00am-4:30pm


Century High School
2000 SE Century Blvd
Hillsboro, OR  97123


Pete Sorenson, Dave Weidkamp, Rhino Training Specialists
Tim Morley, John Niebergall, Instructors


Tim Morley
Century High School

To register

Call Jody Mills at 206-634-4571 or e-mail jody@mcneel.com.
Or register Online
Class limit is 40.

Join us for a week long training session. We'll have two sessions running side by side. We'll have one room dedicated to digital fabrication. Learn how to use the various output tools, including laser engravers, 3D printers, vinyl cutters, CNC and more.